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Lee River – Where is it? What is it?

Lee River is located on the northern end of the City of Cork and flows into Cork Harbor that opens to the Atlantic Ocean. The City of Cork was founded by the Vikings and grew because the Lee River was navigable and helped bring trade to this area. Today the City of Cork is over
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Graduation Time is Near

 Seems like there is someone graduating each year from high school or college and I used to struggle with gift ideas. Several years ago I became acquainted with a line of Celtic jewelry carried by Terry at The Celtic Ranch. It is rich looking, well designed and priced within my budget. It is also nice
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The not so Traditional Irish Dinner

Corned beef and cabbage is often thought of as the traditional Irish meal.  Everyone wishing to be Irish on St. Patrick’s Day has to eat at least one helping while washing it down with a pint of Guinness. In North America corned beef dishes are associated with traditional Irish cuisine. However, there is considerable debate
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Centenary Plus One

Last year we celebrated the Centenary of the Easter Rising.  The Rising was not only a result of British injustice but also the Potato Famine several decades earlier.  The famine was actually a blithe on the potato crops that prevented the poor Irish farmers living under British rule from paying their rent. During the years 1845 -1849 record crops were
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The Quiet Man – Drink it; Watch it; or Both?

Every year as St. Patrick’s Day nears the Academy Award winning movie The Quiet Man returns once again to television. Now you can even watch it 365 via YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-n873zZvMo. Sometimes it is hard to get enough of a good thing and this movie is truly a good thing. It is so good in fact
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A Story of True Love for Valentine’s Day

In 1915 Joseph Mary Plunkett joined the Irish Republican Brotherhood and quickly rose in rank to become a leader of the Easter Rising of 1916. Joseph had contracted Tuberculosis at an early age and struggled with poor health all of his life.  Joseph was well educated and even wrote a book of poetry.  One of his
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Kansas City’s Own – The Elders Band

Have you ever heard Kansas City’s world famous Elders Band? The Elders Band was founded in 1998. Since their founding they have released seven studio albums, four live albums and three DVD’s. This world famous six piece Irish American Folk Band will be touring around the U.S. from March until October so you should find them near
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Local Talent Bringing Irish Music to the World

        I first saw and heard this lovely lady performing with Scartaglen in the old Hollywood Theatre in Leavenworth, Kansas. Until that night I had never heard of Connie Dover but after hearing her sing, I would never forget her. The performance was part of a fund raiser for the Leavenworth St. Patrick’s Day Parade.
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You are in Dublin and want to have some craic

You have finally made your way to the “Old Sod.” Perhaps you have spent several days traveling to famous locations loaded with Irish history or just visiting the beautiful landscapes. If you are traveling on your own you may be looking for some good food and a bit of craic on one of your evenings in
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Are you Irish only once a year?

At least once a year on March 17th everyone is Irish or wants to be. It might be just to wear your favorite Irish T-Shirt or maybe an excuse to drink a few extra pints of Guinness. If you don’t have a direct connection to your Irish ancestry you may be able to check it
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