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Catch Him if You Can

It is impossible to think of St. Patrick’s Day or Ireland without envisioning a wee little man dressed in green protecting his pot o’ gold beneath the rainbow. Leprechauns are as Irish as lads and lassies. While they are usually depicted as smiling, ginger-haired elves whose eyes twinkle with just the right amount of holiday
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10 Things You Might Not Know About St. Patrick’s Day

  There’s actually nothing uniquely Irish about clovers. They are found all over the world. Patrick was not born Irish. Or Christian. As a youngster he was kidnapped from Scotland and converted while in captivity. A vision led him to return to Ireland years later as a bishop. Originally the holiday was associated with the
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Grab a Leek and Celebrate the Welsh Way

Happy St. David’s Day! Never heard of him? You should. This vegetarian, peace-loving, ice bath aficionado is a hard-core saint who was related to the legendary King Arthur. And the whole of Wales loves him as its patron. March 1 is David’s official day and it’s been celebrated as the national day of Wales since
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Claddagh: A Symbol of Everlasting Love

It’s nearing St. Valentine’s Day and love abounds. Chocolate, wine and roses are popular gifts for a reason, but a true romantic will go straight for the heart with a gift of the Claddagh ring. The ring represents one of Ireland’s loveliest traditions. No one is completely certain who invented the original Claddagh ring, but
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St. Brigid and her Cross

Happy St. Brigid’s Day! In Ireland, it marks the first day of spring and the new farm year. It also honors the Patroness of Ireland – the beloved St. Brigid. The saint lived from 451 – 525 AD. Her long life was one of influence and importance, although she lived in an age when women
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