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Irish Music

Mention Irish music and your audience may think of ancient harps, tin whistles, and Irish jigs. Or they may think of a bald Sinead O’Connor, a politically-charged U2 concert, and the Cranberries belting out “Linger” to a wild crowd. There’s room for all of that variety in the history of one of the world’s most musical
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Hurrah for Sweater Weather!

The smell of autumn is a blazing bonfire. The sight is a pile of orange pumpkins. The sound of the season is crunching leaves underfoot. The taste of autumn is hot mulled wine or Irish coffee. The feel of autumn? The warmth and comfort of a well-made sweater wrapped around you. After a long, hot summer
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Gaeltacht fights to keep Irish thriving

Language is an undeniably important part of any culture. In Ireland, the effort to keep the Irish language thriving as fully recognizable and practiced seems to be a fight worth fighting. The Irish people faced a dying national language in the 1800s, after years of British rule and massive emigration during the Potato Famine resulted
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Speak Up, Speak Irish!

No one can ever accuse the Irish of forsaking their past or not being intensely proud of their heritage and history. What better way to remember the Ireland of old than by using the native language to speak up and speak Irish? The earliest form of the language is found in 4th century inscriptions. The most modern
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What’s the Story?

A common greeting on the streets of Ireland is, “Hey bud, what’s the story?” Because there is always a story, especially with the Irish. The lilting dialect, the twinkling eyes, the perfectly-timed humor all combine to create an intangible quality in the storytelling that keeps listeners entranced. One of the more famous recent Irish storytellers, or seanchaí
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Pack Your Bags and Head to Ireland

Now might be the best time ever for making plans to pack your bags and head to Ireland. September ends the high travel season and autumn in Ireland has a multitude of special charms besides just the cheaper rates and sparser crowds. The Emerald Isle has always been a dreamy location for travelers. Whether researching
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Back to School

With the end of summer looming, everyone’s thoughts turn to going back to school. While some traditions vary widely, others are as familiar to all as yellow #2 pencils, new shoes, and the smell of a primary school gymnasium. In Ireland, most school children have three months of holiday during the summer just like their
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Meet the Blogger

  Have you ever wondered just how Irish the Celtic Ranch blogger is? Let’s meet the blogger and ask some important questions: 1. So how Irish are you? Susanna Bartee: Not very. Though DNA tests on both parents do show a heavy British Isles influence, I’m afraid it’s more English than anything else. If it helps, I
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Fight the Chill of Summer

Summertime tourists in shorts, sandals, and bikini tops? Not so much. The warm breezes of summer seem to have overlooked the Emerald Isle completely this year. As Ireland reports the coldest and wettest summer on record, residents and visitors alike are lighting fires and bundling up to fight the chill of summer. The official weather reporting stations in
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Find a Penny…

Find a penny… do you pick it up? A penny may seem almost worthless these days. But a lucky penny might be the difference between fortune and destitution if you believe the legends. Though one measly cent may hardly seem worth bending down to pluck off the ground, old Irish lore tells us these found
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