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You are in Dublin and want to have some craic

You have finally made your way to the “Old Sod.” Perhaps you have spent several days traveling to famous locations loaded with Irish history or just visiting the beautiful landscapes. If you are traveling on your own you may be looking for some good food and a bit of craic on one of your evenings in
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Are you Irish only once a year?

At least once a year on March 17th everyone is Irish or wants to be. It might be just to wear your favorite Irish T-Shirt or maybe an excuse to drink a few extra pints of Guinness. If you don’t have a direct connection to your Irish ancestry you may be able to check it
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A Traditional Christmas Greeting To You

The magical Emerald Green Island is truly a land of history and tradition. Centuries before fact or fiction could be written down the stories were passed down by the bards. The bards were both a walking, singing encyclopedia and the main source for news on the island nation. St. Patrick brought Christianity to the pagans
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The Gift of Blarney

Ireland is filled with a natural beauty. It is famous for its 40 shades of green but that is just a start. A photographic tour around the Ring of Kerry with its majesty will fill the largest SD card on any digital camera. The charms of Ireland are not limited to its scenery but also
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Jack O’Lanterns

As the days grow shorter and the air turns crisp and the leaves start to show their gorgeous autumn colors, pumpkins ripen, and start showing up everywhere and in everything from coffee to air freshener. Pumpkins are native to America, but the practice of carving Jack O’Lanterns originated in Ireland. So how does that work?
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Who Invented Whiskey?

Few topics have flared tempers in pubs more than the question: Who invented whiskey? Was it the Irish, the Scots, or someone you’d least expect, like the Chinese or Arabs? Whisk(e)y is sunshine in a glass. Uisge baugh, or water of life in Scots Gaelic, and uisge beatha, water of life in Irish Gaelic. It’s the cure
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Dublin, a Viking City?

Dublin is an iconic city, where the Liffey meets the Irish sea. It’s a city that’s full of monuments, beautiful architecture, art, and bridges. It’s the seat of Irish culture, music, textiles, and all things Irish. In fact, ask anyone to name a city in Ireland and chances are that Dublin is the first city
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The Irish Whales

  At the turn of the Twentieth Century, with anti-Irish sentiment running high in both America and Britain, Irish Olympic athletes faced a choice of either competing as British athletes, for a crown and flag that they resented, or emigrating to America or Canada, where they were not wanted nor welcomed. The world did not
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Lughnasadh (pronounced Loo-Nah-Saw) is the Gaelic harvest festival, which has been celebrated throughout the Celtic lands since ancient times. It is traditionally celebrated midway through the summer solstice and the autumn equinox. According to Wikipedia, Lughnasadh is mentioned in some of the earliest Irish literature and has pagan origins. The festival itself is named after the
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Artisan Spotlight, Part 1

Part of our mission at the Celtic Ranch is to provide you with some of the finest quality, artisan products and our beloved Commander in Chief Terry Kast travels the world sourcing these handmade treasures. We try to convey the level of detail that goes into these artisan products when we see you in our
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