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Meet the Blogger

  Have you ever wondered just how Irish the Celtic Ranch blogger is? Let’s meet the blogger and ask some important questions: 1. So how Irish are you? Susanna Bartee: Not very. Though DNA tests on both parents do show a heavy British Isles influence, I’m afraid it’s more English than anything else. If it helps, I
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Fight the Chill of Summer

Summertime tourists in shorts, sandals, and bikini tops? Not so much. The warm breezes of summer seem to have overlooked the Emerald Isle completely this year. As Ireland reports the coldest and wettest summer on record, residents and visitors alike are lighting fires and bundling up to fight the chill of summer. The official weather reporting stations in
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Find a Penny…

Find a penny… do you pick it up? A penny may seem almost worthless these days. But a lucky penny might be the difference between fortune and destitution if you believe the legends. Though one measly cent may hardly seem worth bending down to pluck off the ground, old Irish lore tells us these found
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Ten Celtic Wedding Traditions

Few things in our modern world are as much about tradition as the marriage ceremony. If you want to throw it all the way back to Celtic times, consider these ten Celtic wedding traditions. Some are still familiar today, while others seem from another time entirely. Isn’t it romantic? 1. Tying the knot. Celtic couples literally tied the knot
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The Magical Fairy Wish Door Locket

The Story of the Magical Fairy Door Locket Once upon a time, a young maid was walking in the woods. She came upon a clearing, and in the clearing there were all sorts of beautiful flowers. There were violets, primroses, lavender, roses, daffodils, iris, tulips, and even some flowers she had never seen before. The
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Party Like a Celt

You don’t need to look far for a reason to party like a Celt. With eight sacred days in addition to the typical Church holidays like Christmas and Easter, Celts are always either planning a party or recovering from one. Here’s the yearly run-down for special occasions to celebrate: February 1 – St. Brigid’s Day,
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Red-headed Beauty

While only one in 200 people is a natural red-headed beauty, research by Clairol shows that 30 percent of women aged 18 to 34 who color their hair are choosing to go red. In comparison, only 27 percent choose brown and 26 percent choose blonde. So who’s having more fun now? Bruce Springsteen and Dolly
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Bring out the Celtic Warrior Side of Dad

Celebrate the patriarch of the family this year with gifts that will bring out his Celtic warrior side. 1. A Celtic warrior was the man. He was fierce and competitive and downright scary on the battlefield. Alexander the Great himself must have been a wee bit intimidated by the Celts he met. Two thousand years ago, the
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Somewhere Over the Rainbow…is Ireland

The May 22 referendum legalizing same-sex marriage in Ireland might have your Irish Catholic grandpa rolling over in his grave. Or maybe not. Turns out the majority of Catholic voters were actually in favor of the law. “But for all this talk of a vanishing Catholic Church, Ireland remains a deeply Catholic nation: although more
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The Fighting Irish

While the American Civil War was raging, a small Catholic college in Indiana cheered on their team known as the Catholics. It was not until 1927 that the University of Notre Dame became the Fighting Irish, and it had a lot to do with the Irishmen (some of whom left Notre Dame to enlist) who
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