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Irish Comfort Food

Winter isn’t over just yet, and in the chilly months nothing beats comfort foods. In America we love our spicy rich chili, mashed potatoes, and of course macaroni and cheese in all its glorious incarnations. While we all have our favorites, sometimes we need to branch out (there’s only so much macaroni and cheese you
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The Romance of ShanOre Irish Handcrafted Celtic Jewelry

We love Celtic jewelry at The Celtic Ranch. Love. It. We love all the knots, the braids, the crosses, the Claddaghs, stones, pearls and just all of it! ShanOre Irish Handcrafted jewelry have been creating timeless pieces since 1979, their engagement ring, claddagh ring, and Tara’s Diary collections of Celtic jewelry are among some of the most
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Saying I Love You in Irish

On Valentine’s day we think of love, romance, passion, Ireland… It’s a cool and dreary island, with frequent gray days which makes for a passionate group of folks! Let’s look at some Irish (there are too many to list here) terms of affection: A chara (uh KHAR-uh): This means friend Mo anam chara (mo anum KHAR-uh):
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Surviving Winter: Layering Sweaters for Warmth the Irish Way

Just hearing the word winter makes even the most hearty of us shiver a bit thinking of the snow, ice, and dreary gray skies. Winter is the damp chilly cousin of summer who comes over, drinks all your booze and leaves dirty underwear on the floor. Slogging through longest shortest days of the year can
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Aran Knits: Artistry in Wool

Aran knits are considered a major part of the traditions of the Aran Islands, with each pattern having a meaning and deep cultural context. There are several stories regarding these patterns, the most popular of which is that long ago the women of the Aran Islands knitted sweaters in special patterns to indicate which clan they were from, this
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Where do we find all these treasures?

I cannot count how many times, we’ve had a customer ask “where to you get all this?”  Good question! Terry buys from many places, including Ireland, Scotland, England, and even trade shows in New York and Las Vegas. Let’s take a look at where she buys some of the exclusive treasures you love. Ireland: Once a year in
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Why Should I Drink Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey?

Whiskey is one of the greatest contributions the Irish have made to humanity. There is a diverse range of  tastes and complexity of flavors which rival even the finest wines, the distilleries of Ireland produce a breathtaking array of whiskeys to delight any palate, and the experience of single pot whiskey is one like no other,
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Terry Kast, heart and soul of the Celtic Ranch

 You may be wondering exactly what IS a Celtic Ranch? Do we raise horses? Sheep? Leprechauns? The Celtic Ranch is a lifestyle, born of a woman’s love of Ireland and devotion to horses. Our founder, Terry Kast, longtime horsewoman, visited Ireland to get in touch with her roots and explore the Emerald Isle, particularly Sligo, land
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Ten Ways to Enjoy Weston, Missouri in January

It’s gloomy, you’ve built as many pillow and blanket forts in your living room as you possibly can, you’ve played “hot lava” so much you’ve squished all your couch cushions and throw pillows beyond recognition, and worst of all you’ve run out of wine (or beer or whiskey). You need a change of scenery, to
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Mucros Weavers Scarves: The Art of John Cahill, The Beauty of Ireland

Several years ago I went with Terry to Ireland to get a feel for the country, and learn about the people and products sold at The Celtic Ranch. The first day we visited Mucros was a drizzly gray day, the foliage was a deep green, and I fell in love. Killarney was my favorite spot,
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